See how it works! The Barrandov Photocatalytic FN® Technology Testesting Wall - year after

07/08/2015 11:26

A year ago, we reported on the Project of Ecological Sound Barrier, in Prague at Barrandov, on the Web Advanced Materials-JTJ. A year after the application of photocatalytic coating FN® are already clearly visible differences between the surfaces on which was painted developed highly efficient photocatalytic surfaces and surfaces that were painted only standard facade paint. Areas without photocatalytic surface distinctly darker due to settling of atmospheric dirt (a mixture of soot and other dust particles which are dispersed in the air). Areas which have been provided with a photocatalytic surface protection FN®, remain just as clean as immediately after implementation.

Sound barrier just after the creation of the test surface:

Sound barrier over a year after the creation of the test surface: