Materials for Plasma Spray Coating

In comparison to other hot spray techniques, coating surfaces using plasma spraying is highly flexible and permits formation of a thick layer with unique, excellent characteristics.  One important advantage of plasma coatings is the minimal impact of the temperature of the substrate in relation to the melting point of the applied material. 


  • Plasma spraying permits creation of functional and protective layers made of different metallic and ceramic materials, as well as metallo-ceramic alloys.  In practice ceramics are most used in plasma spraying, forming an effective insulating barrier that is resistant to acids and bases and that protects metal surfaces from electro-chemical corrosion, particularly at high temperatures.  Plasma spraying of corundum and other hard materials such as stabilized zirconium oxide and boron carbide has very important uses on sensitive machinery components, creating abrasion-resistant surfaces that greatly increase the lifetime of parts by protecting their metallic cores from wear and tear caused by intensive vibration and corrosion.  It is possible to create not only special highly electrically conductive surfaces on heating elements or other high-tension electrical components, but also insulating surfaces with high electrical resistance on oddly-shaped substrates.
  • Advanced Materials-JTJ now has a project in the early phase of implementation to develop new powdered materials for plasma spray coating using nanoparticles of ceramic compounds.  The new materials will permit achievement of new levels of protection for surfaces in terms of formation of insulating barriers against heat, protection against mechanical abrasion and corrosion as well as formation of surfaces with entirely new properties.  New materials for plasma spraying can pave the way for higher operating temperatures in internal combustion turbines, achieving greater efficiency in generating electrical power.  All this promises high market potential for new products, which will find uses in a wide range of machinery.  

  • Advanced Materials-JTJ is interested to speak to potential partners from the manufacturing sector who are able to recognize in the products we are developing an opportunity to increase their competitiveness and profitability.  We offer them participation in our projects and in their eventual success.