Non-chemical water purification

Photocatalytic applications have a huge future in cleaning hazardous foreign materials and micro-organisms from water.  We are pursuing development of two types of applications using photoactive nano-titanium dioxide.

  • The first type is special suspensions for direct introduction into polluted water that combine the photocatalytic properties of nano TiO2 with other mineral substances.  Under the trade name FN® Aqua, we are preparing products for non-chemical treatment of water (without chlorine) in swimming pools and also for simple non-chemical (physical) decontamination of water containing micro-organisms and chemicals without using complicated machinery.
  • The second group is use of FN® active coatings to form a photocatalytic surface on components of equipment used to clean water.  We are actively participating in the development of such equipment in the AQUA-PULSE international project. 


One major advantage of using photocatalysis to clean water is its ability to break down even very low concentrations of substances that are otherwise difficult to remove, such as dioxins.  In some equipment it is possible to use daylight as a resource to spur photocatalysis and thereby reduce costs of operation.

Video: Goals of the AQUA-PULSE Project: