About us

Advanced Materials-JTJ s.r.o. (AMJTJ) is an innovative Czech firm  focused on nanotechnology.  Since 2003, it has pursued the development and production of nano-materials and their uses.  The activities of the company are presently concentrated in the following areas of research and development:

  • New, economically efficient approaches to production of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide
  • Refining of TiO2 nanoparticles  for specific applications and uses
  • Technological means of forming photocatalytic surfaces
  • Utilizing the photocatalytic properties of nano-crystals of titanium dioxide in coatings and geopolymeric facing materials to clean air, water and soil, limit the growth of micro-organisms and produce self-cleaning surfaces
  • High-capacity lithium batteries of a new design with a capacity per cell of more than 300 wh/l and exceptional safety.
  • Preparation of nano-materials for production of batteries and capacitors
  • Powdered nano-materials for plasma spray coating


We have developed and are producing special active FN coatings with exceptionally strong photocatalytic effects.  These coatings represent a new generation of coating materials with photocatalytic properties.  They are based on use of special binding agents that create a regulated microstructure on the coating’s surface that maximizes utilization of the photoactive surface of TiO2 nanoparticles.  The photocatalytic efficiency of the surface formed by FN® coatings approaches the absolute limit of efficiency of photocatalysts.


FN® coatings were awarded second prize in the 2010 Innovation of the Year competition, were nominated for the Ministry of Environment prize in the 2011 “Ceská Hlava” competition and in 2012 were nominated for the European Business Award.


We cooperate with the Czech Republic Academy of Sciences, the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology and a number of other scientific research facilities in the Czech Republic and elsewhere.  We participate in two EU Seventh Framework Programme international projects focused on research into practical uses of photocatalysts for cleaning air and water (https://www.aqua-pulse.org, https://www.nanopin.cz/en_index.html.)



Our main continuing goal is development and commercialization of innovations utilizing the most modern scientific and technical advances in the field of nanotechnology.  We develop and try to disseminate fundamental innovations that will bring revolutionary products of extraordinary usefulness and exceptionally high commercial potential to the world market.  Advancing our innovations into mass production and marketing them around the globe will require the assistance of strategic partners.  We are seeking entities that want to take advantage of our know-how and products in their own products and that have enough social, intellectual, technical and financial capabilities, along with ambition and courage, to bring new products to the world market.